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Sokkia SET 550X 5″ Total Station with Bluetooth and Laser Plummet, The Ultimate Standard for Total Stations – Series 50X Total Stations provide dependable performance at affordable costs. Extended measuring range, increased measurement speed, field-proven accuracy, all-weather dependability, and easy-to-use onboard software are packaged in a tough, compact body designed for everyday surveying applications.

High-Speed, Long-Range Laser EDM
Sokkia’s advanced digital signal processing technology significantly enhances distance measurement capability that maximizes work efficiency under all jobsite conditions.
-1.7 seconds typical measurement time in fine mode -40% faster than previous models
-Every 0.3 seconds high-speed tracking
-5,000m (16,400ft.) long range measurement -20% further than previous models
-2mm + 2ppm accuracy with prisms
-3mm + 2ppm with reflective sheets

World-proven, Time-tested Angle Reading System
Sokkia’s innovative absolute encoder system provides unsurpassed, extra long-term dependability that has been proven in all types of worksite conditions across the globe since its introduction in 2002.
-Extremely simplified optical and mechanical structure maximizes reliability even in the harshest environmental conditions
- Advanced coding and digital processing technologies have given the Series50X the capability to automatically detect and correct misreading of encoder patterns
- The 2” model incorporates IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) for maximizing dependability.

Highest Protection against Dust and Water
Fine dust or driving rain is no deterrent to the Series50X. The industry- leading IP66 protection provides unparalleled dependability in the harshest work site conditions
- IP6x is the highest grade of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects.
- Shuts out powder dust, sand, mud and other fine particles.
- IPx6 rating means the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from any direction.
- Does not allow penetration of sudden shower or dripping water in tunnels and underground sites, etc.

Quick Operation in All Conditions
Easy-to-use control panel is clearly viewable both in direct sunlight and in underground construction sites.
-The LCD display automatically maintains optimal contrast and visibility using a built-in temperature sensor.
-Fully backlit keys greatly facilitate operation in low lighting conditions.
-The SF14 full-alphanumeric wireless keyboard is optionally available for 2”, 3” and 5” models.

Security and Data Management
Password function prevents unauthorized use.
-10,000-point internal memory
-SD/SDHC card
- USB flash memory devices
- An optional built-in Bluetooth®module for wire connection with a data collector.

Built-in Laser Plummet (option)
Built-in laser plummet allows for quick instrument setting 5 brightness levels are selectable for optimum visibility.

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